Friday, January 30, 2009

The List Of Shopping Mall in Penang

This is the list of Shopping Mall in Penang that will being observe by our group in terms of their responsibilities in managing recycling projects or green projects. Here also we will dicuss how well their(shopping mall management) manage their waste in terms of tidiness, cleanliness, puntuallity, location of the waste and dustbin friendly in their shopping mall. (but not discuss now) This is only the overview of all shopping malls...

Bukit Jambul Complex
The Bukit Jambul Complex is a
shopping mall located in the fast-developing Bukit Jambul area of Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia. It was build with a total of RM350 million featuring 414 shops, a hypermarket Cosmart, food court, and a high-tech amusement centre. The cineplex and the bowling alley still open Cosmart with the recent change in the management has just down-scaled the area at Lower Ground and renamed under CityMart Supermarket. Balance of the areas was in the plan for a variety of other shopping businesses that currently occupied by a big food court, Pok Kong Jewellery, DIY Shop, and others.

Gurney Plaza
Gurney Plaza, touted as
Penang's premier lifestyle mall, is a shopping mall located at the famed Gurney Drive promenade in George Town, Penang, Malaysia. It is the second largest shopping mall in Penang after Queensbay Mall and by far the most classy. It was completed in 2001 by one of Southeast Asia's largest property company, CapitaLand. Gurney Plaza houses the biggest cineplex in Malaysia's northern region, the 12-screen Golden Screen Cinemas equipped with THX-certified auditoriums, and second only to Malaysia's biggest cineplex at Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur.

Island Plaza
Island Plaza is a
shopping mall, in Penang, Malaysia. It is one of the first modern shopping mall built in Penang, developed by Belleview. Well planned tenant mix comprising Anchor Tenant, family entertainment & amusement centre, regional/local cuisine restaurant, food court and more than 150 specialty shops.

Midland Park Centre
Midlands Park Centre is a mall in
Penang, Malaysia. Midlands Park Centre is located just a few meters away from Penang Adventist Hospital. The centre, located in Burmah Road, Georgetown, has 350 retail lots under one roof at the centre including: Watsons, Voir, GadgetZone Computer Shop,D-Education Consultation Office, Raffles Education Singapore Student Admission Office, Taiwan Food Outlet, Red Garden Tea House, Lea Fashion, MOG, KFC and McDonalds. Other attractions include a bowling alley.

Prangin Mall
Shopping Mall located beside
Komtar, Penang,Malaysia. Total 167 Tenant in Prangin Mall. Located at the town central of Penang, under the management of Prangin Mall Merchant Association.

Queensbay Mall
Queensbay Mall is a
shopping mall situated in Penang, Malaysia. It is in the heart of the Queensbay development, formerly known as Bayan Bay before it was abandoned during the East Asian financial crisis. At that time, the mall was referred to as Bayan World Megamall. At present, it is the largest shopping mall in the northern region of Malaysia.
It is currently the largest shopping mall in Penang superseding
Gurney Plaza. However, its title of largest shopping mall in Penang may be overtaken by Central Mall in Province Wellesley.
Queensbay Mall will be the preferred retail destination and a real shoppers' paradise - with 5 levels of retail and 8 levels of parking, JUSCO as its anchor tenant, 17 junior anchors and more than 500 retail merchants. Several international brands will be opening up their first or flagship outlet in Queensbay Mall.

Sunshine Square and Sunshine Farlim
Sunshine Square is a big shopping mall containing a
supermarket and a departmental store in Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia. It has a multi-storey car park. Sunshine Square's new wing (an extension of the supermarket), was opened to public in 2005. Sunshine Square attracts many people during weekends, school holidays, and public holidays. Sunshine Farlim Hypermarket is a hypermarket located in Penang, Malaysia. It is the only hypermarket in the Air Itam's township of Farlim. Sunshine Farlim is one of the retail outlet of Suiwah Corporation Berhad.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a damn Things..!!!


When we all talk about recycle, the first impression that comes in our mind is a papers, plastics and glass. Does recycle only means that or its goes beyond what we all can do to make it more meaningful and not pointed on the same damn things.

From here we all can see what actually modern people (including us) think at the first place about recycle. The one and only they think is about themself. Yes its true, modern human only think about themselves more than their think of others. For our case study right now, recycling program sees by others just the way of getting money and move on with their life. Is that what the aim of recycle? Plus Some people that think that the recycling works only for the poor and homeless people. Here we can see that the word recycling works refer to the type of one of the working types nowadays.

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Both of us just created our BLOG!!! so, our 1st blog is to say "hello" to everyone...
well, the guy in the photo is [fazzlies] and the girl is [reennie]....and here is our ~world of recycle~...xoXOxoXO... lets get to the
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