Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a damn Things..!!!


When we all talk about recycle, the first impression that comes in our mind is a papers, plastics and glass. Does recycle only means that or its goes beyond what we all can do to make it more meaningful and not pointed on the same damn things.

From here we all can see what actually modern people (including us) think at the first place about recycle. The one and only they think is about themself. Yes its true, modern human only think about themselves more than their think of others. For our case study right now, recycling program sees by others just the way of getting money and move on with their life. Is that what the aim of recycle? Plus Some people that think that the recycling works only for the poor and homeless people. Here we can see that the word recycling works refer to the type of one of the working types nowadays.

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