Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Impression...!!!

Hi there.... before aireen and i start our hunting trip to all the shopping mall and buildings, we go to the bank ATM that situated inside USM. so we got something to show to all of you and i believe that you guys also have seen this thing happen all the times. The Dustbin or 'tong sampah' inside Bank Islam in USM was full with rubbish and i can confirm to you all that it is only contain papers that i can sure not all will keep it as a traces... hahaha...
its really funny la when this 'tong sampah' was fully use to it capability to keep the rubbish stay inside... until it 'melimpah-ruah'...hehehe..!!!
but the most important things is if you all didn't want that statement paper that have been produce by the bank ATM, DO NOT TAKE IT...!!! but i think the bank Islam ATM does not give us choice to choose to take or not to take the statement paper...
'Suatu Pembaziran telah berlaku disini'.....

some more want to talk about recycling...and cleanliness....hahaha..!!!

The famous 'tong sampah' of the year..!!!!

Our model try to pose a good angle to trow the paper...hihi...!!

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