Friday, February 20, 2009

~so call MALAY-SIAN~

We [MALAYSIAN] produce over 15,000 tons of rubbish everyday.
It is only a matter of time before we run out of space to dispose of them.

  1. Recycling reduces waste, which in turn reduces the need for landfills and dumpsites.
  2. Recycling reduces pollution and saves energy. Making products from virgin or raw materials results in pollution and uses more energy.
  3. Recycling is cheaper in the long run compared to maintaining landfills and other systems. When recycling programmes become more efficient, there will be less rubbish to dispose of.
  4. Recycling creates up to 5 times more jobs than waste disposal alone. It will create jobs for engineers, machine specialists, environmental personnel, general workers and many more.
  5. Recycling improves cleanliness and quality of life.

Breakdown of solid waste created by Malaysians

  • 27 % - [Paper]
  • 36.5% - [Household waste]
  • 3.9% - [Steel]
  • 3.7% - [Glass]
  • 16.4% - [Plastic]
  • 12.5% - [Others]

** Experts believe a landfill can last 10 years longer if Malaysians recycled 50% of their garbage The residents of Johor Bahru generate 1300 tons of waste every day.

[quoted from kitarsemula01]

~take a break~

Discussing the environment can get
  • heated
  • overwhelming
  • and downright depressing.

Maybe it is time to take a break from the serious stuff about the environment.

Here some jokes about recycle...


GOOD RECYCLER: You fill up the recycle bin every week with cans, bottles, and jars.

NOT SO GOOD: You give the recycle bin to the kids to use as a toboggan.

GOOD RECYCLER: You take your used motor oil to the nearest recycling station or collection facility.

NOT SO GOOD: You avoid the used-oil problem by never changing your oil. You recycle engines instead.

GOOD RECYCLER: You recycle not only your newspapers but also your phone books, magazines, and cardboard boxes.

NOT SO GOOD: You leave your newspapers in the bathroom stall at work after you're done. Doesn't that count?


Thursday, February 19, 2009

OMG...they got la..!!!

Today i wanna to talk about this Shopping Mall... Sunshine Square and Sunshine Farlim At Penang... huhuhu..!!! do You all wanna know that we two was surprise when we saw this banner out site of the shopping mall. its really huge and its talk about RECYCLING!!!! 3 star to the Sunshine Square..!!!!
Acctually this recycling programme are devoted to whom that want to recycling their PC and computers.

this in the front view of Sunshine Square at Bayan Baru... so if you all wanna go there and observe the situation, its situated Pasar Besar Bayan Baru, near Gaint bayan Baru there.

This is our mr. Big Tong Sampah, this the only mistake that they do... put mr. Big outside the building...block people view and really 'menyakitkan mata'..!!!!

alots of things there can be recycle kan.? dont u think..? so wasted....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

They Do.... thats good...!!!

while Im surfing the internet past few days... i found this picture of one of shopping Mall in Johore Bahru.... This Shopping Mall is AEON Tebrau City Mall...

im really suprise that this mall taking a serious action in doing recycling project in their mall...

i Just want to congratulate them especially their management team for their awareness in recycling...!!!! chaiyok2...!!!

see... how they put their 'Tong Sampah' nice and tide...and some more label it with recycling items label.... a Star have fall on this shoping mall...!!!

keep it up...!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Gurney Plaza Penang....

Now we go see Gurney Plaza pulak... at first we got a problem to find the big 'tong sampah' at Gurney plaza. we two pusing2 almost 3 round and we still could not find where the Mr. Big is...

so perhaps all of us already know where Gurney Plaza Located kan..? ok..ok.. let me refresh your memory.. its located at Gurney Drive biside Sunrise tower(Gurney McDonald)...
The view fron across the road.... behind me is a pathway along the sea... ok..? remember..?

but then we two was thinking... there must be Mr. Big(refers to big tong sampah) at Gurney Plaza coz where they trow all their unwanted waste kan...? so at first we assume that Mr. Big must be inside this tunnel...hahaha....!!! if u oso... u think like that kan..?

But then, after awhile we both saw this truck coming out of that tunnel... so do you see what we both see...? that is a waste truck... will carry all sort of rubbish to the dump place.... hahahah... we both so lucky to get this picture to show to u all that Gurney Plaza prove their responsibility in maintain environment friendly and people putting their Mr. Big inside and visible to the people view....

this the back view of the Gurney plaza.... next time we will post the location of the dust bin inside the Gurney palza pulak k.... dont complaint2 k....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Starting from now..!!!!

Our first stop today is Midland Park Shopping Mall

this is the view from front.... have you all reach here since you all stay in USM...? its located beside Berjaya Hotel and in front of Advantist hospital in town area..

This the view of Midland across the in front road. you can see that Berjaya Hotel is located at the right side of the Midland park.
This is one of the dustbin that we can ambust...hehehe... lets see what they got inside....


one of the Tong sampah..... left over...

back view

this is the most important things la.... the main dustbin...hahaha... its is located outside of the mall. So that means its visible to the people view... haizzz.... luck at that time we go there, no any 'sampah' inside... if not... haiyo..cannot say la wat will happen... as we say, our aims is to see where they put their main 'tong sampah' so we can see how they care about our environment and peoples....
the time we go there is around 3.30pm Friday... so maybe its the day the took every 'sampah' kot... hehehe...

First Impression...!!!

Hi there.... before aireen and i start our hunting trip to all the shopping mall and buildings, we go to the bank ATM that situated inside USM. so we got something to show to all of you and i believe that you guys also have seen this thing happen all the times. The Dustbin or 'tong sampah' inside Bank Islam in USM was full with rubbish and i can confirm to you all that it is only contain papers that i can sure not all will keep it as a traces... hahaha...
its really funny la when this 'tong sampah' was fully use to it capability to keep the rubbish stay inside... until it 'melimpah-ruah'...hehehe..!!!
but the most important things is if you all didn't want that statement paper that have been produce by the bank ATM, DO NOT TAKE IT...!!! but i think the bank Islam ATM does not give us choice to choose to take or not to take the statement paper...
'Suatu Pembaziran telah berlaku disini'.....

some more want to talk about recycling...and cleanliness....hahaha..!!!

The famous 'tong sampah' of the year..!!!!

Our model try to pose a good angle to trow the paper...hihi...!!