Monday, March 23, 2009


In Malaysia, "polystyrene' foam containers are commanly used by hawkers for takeaways. In most instances hot and oily food is directly transferred to these containers.

this enchances the ability of the CANCER-CAUSING MATERIAL to leach into the food.
'polystyrene' also used by most of the commercial building such as TESCO, JUSCO (QUEENSBAY), PARKSON (PERANGIN&GURNEY), BUKIT JAMBUL and few others company. Not forgoten, fast food restaurant like McD is the most popular 'polystyrene' user.

all in "polystyrene' !!!

food packaging!!!

POLYSTYRENE cups, bowls, plates, fork and spoons are also use in food courts and restaurants. polystyrene which is usually reffered to as NO 6 plastic is the third or fourth most commonly used, in millions of tons per year.
  • have shown that human expose to small quantities of styrene can cost low red blood cells count.
  • women exposed to low concentration of styrene vapours in the workplace have a variety of mentrual disorders.

Malaysia cancer is the second biggest killer after accidents. Eliminating styrene in the diet of Malaysian would help reduce cancer risks among Malaysians. The goverment should impose a ban on the use of polystyrene material as food containers due to the following reason.

  1. polystyrene can threaten human health and our reproductive system as they leach out styrene into the food which is in contact with the plastic.
  2. it is made from petroluem, a non renewable and polluting commodity.
  3. it does not BIODEGRADE. It only crumbles into fragments.
  4. When thrown in the enviroment it will persist indefinitely as litter and will choke waterways. It may also clog animal digestive systems.
  5. The bulky product takes up more space in landfills than does paper and may eventually re-enter the environment when landfills are breached.
  6. Foam recycling is a public relations stunt, promoted by the plastic industries. It is done in highly centralised facilities using complex chemical processes and expands more energy.

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